General "lagginess" in processing updates


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Aug 15, 2021
Hi folks, just a general comment that I have been struggling to keep up with updates coming in from AFDC, partly due to my own personal schedule (I've been out of town/out of pocket frequently, as well as booked solid at work and other evening meetings), and partly due to a general flurry of updates coming in from the CPOs to AFDC, most of which are immaterial, but require re-validating the data. It seems like many of the CPOs have gone through a cycle of deleting all of their AFDC entries, and then adding them back in. This causes my scrape code to remove the AFDC data from the entries (which normally requires that I go and figure out what happened) only to have it re-appear a few days later, and again, I must then go back and re-connect to the original entry and make sure that nothing has changed.

I have no idea why they all seemed to do this, but it has significantly increased my workload recently.

Thankfully (knock on wood), this appears to have slowed down and this week (mercifully) there have only been a handful of updates, so I am slowly getting caught up. I am down to 100 more entries to validate. Hopefully I can get caught up tomorrow, although then I need to go through the list of sites that still have no AFDC entry (about 25) and those that haven't had an AFDC entry for awhile, but still appear open (about 94). The latter set I check in on on a rotating basis about once a month. And then finally there are those that are temporarily closed for more than 6 months...some of those are now coming due to check in on.

All that is to say that while the data is more or less up to date, it's not perfectly up to date. Hopefully by the end of the weekend things will be more or less back in sync.

Some good news regarding the Electrify America activity that has been going on, but I will address that over the this thread: EA housekeeping (or something) in progress
Getting closer to getting caught up.
  • I am caught up on processing the AFDC updates
  • I am caught up "closing" entries that have been pulled from AFDC (other than three EA deletions that I am currently masking, but need to process manually)
  • I am have reviewed the pending entries that have been pulled from AFDC and need periodic rechecking (actually the backlog is still pretty long, but I like to only do 10 a day to spread them out over the month -- I recheck these once a month)
  • Missing Plugshare and AFDC entries are caught up
I still need to:
  • process the change suggestions (mostly from @tkmedia)
  • update the new Tesla Magic Dock thread (although thanks to @Dirtman16 for adding the entries to the map)
  • Check on the updated RAN updates (I think there have been several permits discovered that need to be reflected here)
Fingers crossed that the usual Sunday AFDC updates are nil (which they usually are -- unfortunately there were many updates today) so I can really get caught up tomorrow.