Fastcharger - Tustin - Oak Tree Plaza


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Sep 5, 2021
This thread is for discussion of the Oak Tree Plaza fast charger

Provider: Non-Networked

Address: 17612 17th St,Tustin,CA,92780

GPS: 33.759277,-117.824539

Stalls: 4

Hours: 24 hours daily
This station has had a successful checkin on Plugshare, but there is no indication as to the connector types or power levels. If someone can confirm this information, please post here.
I went to this station in November and they didn't have power. Looks like they went online in January of this year.

In any event I stopped there on Saturday and what a bunch of "fun" it was. There were no other cars charging at the site and I can't blame them. The stalls all say to use "Evolv" but that app showed these sites as all being "unavailable." I ended up using the credit card reader, but there was no indication of cost.

I called "Evolv" which routed to EV Gateway and I explained to them the situation. The support person was definitely from out of the country, was very hard to hear and understand. She seemed to be saying they were the same network but I couldn't figure out what she was trying to say. She seemed very inexperienced and not familiar with the system.

I tried the EV Gateway app and that showed the stalls as online (at least, including the one I was trying to use and the one to the right. The screen on the one to the left was dead and the one to the left of that just had a mouse cursor on the screen.

Also, once I saw the price was $0.85/kWh hour, I unplugged as that's outrageous. The Evolv app had shown $0.45, even though it said they were all unavailable.

This was a terrible experience and if this wasn't my hobby I would have given up much faster.

Does anyone have any idea about EV Gateway vs Evolv? Confusion is not what we need right now...
I confirmed on the cc charge that it was 0.85/kWh. Not good at all. I won't be heading back to this site any time soon and good luck getting any takers at that price for this level of inconvenience. Even at 0.45 they will have trouble attracting customers, considering how confusing the whole setup was.
Blink took over an EVGateway site in Tustin, CA on 17th St. near the Flame Broiler months ago, but it hasn't been enabled yet. The chargers are on but the Tellus screens are so dim you can't even tell they are on at first. It doesn't appear on the Blink app.

They replaced the old EVG BTC units and are letting these rot. They were also repeatedly ICE'd in the several minutes I was there. It's sad.

Based on your comment, I am marking this as Temporarily Closed. Let me know if you think that's incorrect.
Blink added this site to AFDC, and I have confirmed in their app that there are numerous stations at this site (some are located near the road, and some near the Massage Parlor in the parking lot).

The Blink app is not great (trustworthy). I am interpreting what it's telling as there are 11 stations here, three of which appear to be dual headed 60kW CCS stations, and the other eight 60kW CCS / 50kW CHAdeMO units, although this could be completely wrong. Also, only 5 out of the 11 appear operational.

I'm sure this information is not totally accurate, so confirmation on the ground would be helpful, but for the time being anyway, I am marking it as open with those stall counts. I am not counting the dual CCS units as two stalls, because I suspect parking is limited here and there aren't actually two spots dedicated at those stations. But let me know.