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fastcharger.info introduction


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Curious how you are going to handle when Superchargers start allowing non-Teslas to connect, like they already do in places in the EU.

Any thoughts on a phone app like the one that mates with Supercharge.info? Maybe an RSS feed like Supercharge.info? These are the two ways I interact mostly with the data stored there.


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Good question. I will likely start to add those Supercharger sites to this site, but I will probably wait and see how supercharge.info handles this and work to provide meaningful listings without being unnecessarily redundant.

I already handle the reverse case: EVgo (and other, if it ever comes to be) sites that have Tesla DC fastcharger connections, so I can handle adding a site with both CCS and Tesla connectors.

I can take a look at providing an RSS feed like supercharge.info, but right now my priority is finishing up auditing the 1000 or so sites that are left to clean up. I average about 50 per day, so it should be less than a month and I can start looking at actual enhancements again.


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Yes, that is me.

The ability to filter by power level or network is definitely on my list.

Given the original code base (from supercharge.info) which was only set up to filter by status (since at the time, Superchargers were pretty much all the same power level), it's not trivial to filter by power level, but I do have a few ideas on how it could be implemented. Time has been a factor (and probably will be for another month or so) as I have been (and am) in the process of closing down my office (at my day job) as we shift to a work-from-home model...this has been incredibly time consuming, but is starting to draw to a close.

For sure many of the new charging station additions have been 25kW units at dealers, although there have been just as many high powered additions as well. But that does get to the purpose of this site and how it relates to other sites like Plugshare and abetterrouteplanner.com and other EV trip planners. My eventual goal is for this site to become a clearinghouse of detailed information about charging stations, both operational and under construction. For a use case of planning a trip or viewing charging stations from certain networks, ABRP and Plugshare already do a pretty good job of that, so I am not trying to replace those valuable tools. But I certainly understand the desire to get a good view of the state of charging networks at a macro level as well. Hopefully this site will provide that.