Fastcharger - Fallon - Cold Springs Station


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Sep 5, 2021
This thread is for discussion of the Cold Springs Station fast charger

Provider: EV Connect

Address: 52300 Austin Hwy,Fallon,NV,89406

GPS: 39.414325,-117.840818

Stalls: 4(CHAdeMO [?]:?, CCS [?]:?)

Hours: 24 hours daily
These work fine. But an employee there told me sometimes one or more of them need to be reset by one of them by turning off and on a circuit breaker. So if they do not seem to be working, ask in the Restuarant. The chargers are right behind the restaurant.

Works best with an EV-Connect RFID card like I used. Web very week out there, except for the open wireless network they have there at the RV Park. So connect to it to activate the chargers if you do not have the EV-Connect RFID card.

There are two fast chargers there, each have one CCS and one CHAdeMO. They can only do 50 KW.

There is also a 7.2 KW J-1772 there.