Notice: Upcoming period of inactivity


Sep 21, 2022

Thanks for the heads up.

Sites dropping off the AFDC and coming back later with a different ID has been an issue for a while. That's really a drag that it happened to hundreds of EVgo stations all at once.


Staff member
Aug 15, 2021
I am back from my trip (actually been back for a week now, but spent a lot of last week catching up on e-mail and work).

During my absence, there were several things that happened that created a significant amount of workload in updating the database.

First, there was the Greenlots -> Shell Recharge migration in the AFDC database.

Then EVgo for some reason removed all their AFDC entries and then added them back in. One reason behind this is that they put more accurate open dates into the database (previously the majority of them were listed as opening on 7/4/21). They have also been marking several as CLOSED TEMPORARILY and re-OPENING others they previously marked as CLOSED.

Also EVConnect introduced a TON of new chargers.

And EVCS took over a lot of chargers from Webasto, but as part of this process they changed the configuration of the chargers (from a single CHAdeMO connector to a CCS/CHAdeMO combo unit, requiring manual intervention).

All told, I was left with over 1300 updates queued up!

I am able to mostly automatically process these changes, but any tweak I made to the database (for example, EVgo counts stalls differently, so they tend to over-count them) needs to be re-affirmed.

I have gone through most of the "easy" updates (still required a ton of pointing & clicking) and am down to about 160 left, but these are the more difficult ones, and in particular the EVConnect additions which require validation using an app (versus a website, which they don't offer). Blink has also gone all "app-based" as well, which makes validation difficult. I'm not sure why these companies don't offer web-based maps.

As you may have seen from today's updates, I'm getting to the active updates, but many of these have been the EVgo closures/re-opens. Over the next few days I'll get to the real additions, so expect to see quite a lot of activity for the next week or so.

Thanks for your patience at this time!