FreeWire network can't be searched


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Dec 28, 2021
Is FreeWire just a manufacturer and they get put on other networks? What's a good way to find if there are any near me?
I have seen quite a few Freewire stations come up recently under the EV Connect network. Here's an example:

And Plugshare entry: Cuero Creamery | PlugShare

Freewire is the station manufacturer: FreeWire Technologies - Electrification Beyond the Grid™ and it looks like their stations may feature battery storage, which is cool. Not sure whether they all have on-site storage or not, but the form factor of their charging stations implies that there is at least room for batteries.
Yes, 160kWh batteries are IN the dispenser, there is no cabinet some distance away, and they can be fed by the breaker panel that feeds the store they are mounted out front of and can even act as a backup battery for the store during an outage with a grid lockout (don't know the connection specifics, or if it's automatic)