Fastcharger - Manchester - Simon Mall of New Hampshire (Manchester, NH)


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Sep 5, 2021
This thread is for discussion of the Simon Mall of New Hampshire (Manchester, NH) fast charger

Provider: Electrify America

Address: 1500 South Willow Street,Manchester,NH,03103

GPS: 42.956817,-71.433317

Stalls: 4(CHAdeMO [?]:?, CCS [?]:?)

Hours: 24 hours daily
This site is no longer showing on EA's app. It has been increasingly broken for the last year with two stalls offline for a good six months, only one working stall a few weeks ago, and for the past two weeks it has completely removed from the EA network.
Other New Hampshire EA stations have been becoming more and more degraded over the past six months as well.
Thanks for the report...EA is doing something strange with their database recently. Every day about 30-40 stations disappear, only to re-appear the next day. Rather than mark them as temporarily closed and then re-open, I have simply been ignoring them. At first I figured it was some housekeeping they were doing on their database, but it's continued to happen. And now Shell is doing something very similar. It's very frustrating actually.

As for this site in particular, it is now showing up in the app today with 3 stalls showing in use, and 1 unavailable. Who knows whether that's accurate or not (I tend not to trust what the app says).

Anyway, as a result, it is possible that I may miss an actual closure, but with EA at least, the closures do tend to be relatively brief.
This one has not re-appeared in the app for me, day after day. Hmm. I thought maybe it disappears if full but for example Lebanon NH was full most today and still shows up. If I have time next week I'll swing through to see what the heck is going on
Just to close the loop, I figured out what is going on. EA changed this site to max 50kW. It wasn't showing in my app because I had a filter on the map for >50kW. What's more impressive that despite several app problems and log outs, it forgets my account yet some old map filter magically sticks :LOL: