Fastcharger - Breezewood - Gateway Travel Plaza - Breezewood


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Sep 5, 2021
This thread is for discussion of the Gateway Travel Plaza - Breezewood fast charger


Address: 16567 Lincoln Highway, Breezewood, PA, 15533

GPS: 39.999702,-78.233613

Stalls: 6(CCS [200]:6)

Hours: 24 hours daily
Strange that this May 2022 streetview image seems to show the location nearly complete as far as prep goes. Has it just been sitting, waiting for the charger hardware?

Screenshot 2023-05-30 090336.png
Drove by last weekend. All that is different from above is a transformer on the pad closest to the parking lot, but based on other pictures that has been there since at least January. Also, the cones between the posts have faded from the old pictures, a further indication that nothing is happening here.
Couldn't grab a picture yesterday, but the stalls are up, they have bags over them for now. Would have stopped but holy smokes the traffic is insane in Breezewood right now.
It's always insane! I have seen some slight progress on this site. Hopefully it's finally moving towards completion.
Sounds like it hasn’t changed at all since Labor Day weekend then. I took these picture then. 6 stalls including one pull through for towing.

I think this site has finally opened! I can never get their app to work (always says its offline), and the web site still says coming soon, but it was added to AFDC, and I have found that when they add it to AFDC it's really open.

Stopped by Breezewood today and all stalls show Available on their LCD screens.