Council Bluffs Shell - 14151 Wabash Ave


Mar 27, 2023
According to PlugShare, this station is coming soon and the site will be, "funded by Iowa's portion of Volkswagen Settlement Environmental Mitigation Trust, Cycle 3, ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) Supply Equipment. Volkswagen Clean Air Act Settlements - State of Iowa Will likely be Shell Recharge."

I visited here yesterday and flew my drone, seeing no signs of construction or electrical work. My drone photos are below. I believe the chargers will be located near where my blue EV6 is parked on the left of the first image. They'll probably do a new electrical run from the pole mounted transformers seen on the north corner of the store.

Oddly enough I've seen plenty of Shell gas stations that have had EV Connect go in, and NOT Shell Recharge. That said, I would think that for future projects, Shell Recharge would be the provider. But for now I will add this as "Non-networked" until we see some definitive evidence. Thanks for the report!
I will also add the other "Coming Soon" sites. Forum threads will be automatically created over night, or if you wish, you can use the "Discuss" link on the map to create them.