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    Chargepoint NACS

    Interesting. I wonder if the port opening protocol is part of the new J3400 standard or if that's just a Tesla only thing. Regardless, you can always just tap the door, so not too big a deal. I'd be curious to see if it would go up higher with a warmer battery and lower SOC.
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    Cancelled New Mexico DCFC Projects

    Thanks. I marked the cancelled projects or those with site hosts that fell through as Permanently Closed.
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    Round 1 NEVI Awards

    Tennessee announced their Round 1 NEVI grant recipients today. You can see a list at: Round 1 TN NEVI We'll get these entered as time allows.
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    List of Tesla Superchargers with magic docks installed

    FYI, there have been reports that the V4 stalls are outputting the full 500 amps instead of 350 at other MagicDock installs. Once we get additional confirmation, we can update the CCS plugs at those locations to be 250kW. ETA: Actually, I checked PlugShare, and it looks pretty clear this is...
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    Supercharger - Columbia - Lowes Foods

    It's live in the Tesla app.
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    Fastcharger - Florence - Buc-ee's - Florence

    Thanks. These are going in really quickly.
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    ChargeNet #4 - Taco Bell - Santa Rosa, CA

    Added. Will include power with listing once confirmed.
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    List of Tesla Superchargers with magic docks installed

    You and me both brother.
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    List of Tesla Superchargers with magic docks installed

    You can add Ames, IA to the list. Added just now.
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    Supercharger - Prattville Town Center

    As construction has technically been completed for some time, I'm going to mark this one temporarily closed. We can re-open once the MagicDock hardware is activated.
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    Fastcharger - Athens - Buc-ee's - Athens

    This site is now under construction. I saw survey crews laying out the dimensions of the pad for charger hardware and conduit.
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    Fastcharger - Leeds - Buc-ee's - Leeds - Mercedes Benz

    Gotta put them where they are most likely to see high utilization I guess. Fortunately, the Alabama NEVI RFP has some priority sections of Interstate called out that are underserved. I-65 around Cullman and Clanton are of particular interest to me.
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    Supercharger - Alabaster - Propst Promenade (Lowe's)

    My mother charges at the Alabaster electrify America station pretty regularly, and she would probably argue that she needs these magic docks pretty badly. That electrify America station is problematic. I take your point though. I am going to stop by the Prattville location today and check it...
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    Fastcharger - Fort Valley - Buc-ee's - Fort Valley

    This must be the Mercedes sites. Great find!
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    Tesla CCS Adapter for Sale in US

    I really, really hated that headline. I expect there will be some substantial movement on this front in 2024. There are already one or two stations under construction in Ohio that are using that funding.
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    Fastcharger - Guin - Holiday Inn Guin

    Thanks! That's a disappointing, but as you say, way better than the CPE250s or nothing. I will update to show 150kW, which is the nameplate rating. Higher end 400V class cars will get close, and the 800V stuff should get it no problem. Also, it looks like they can power share across both...
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    NEVI tags and filter

    I very much like the idea; however, @lpickup is the mastermind of the programming, so he will have to weigh in. Currently, there is no database field to tag a site as NEVI funded. At a minimum, we'd have to go back and add that to the planned site that are already entered (mostly in Ohio...
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    Tesla CCS Adapter for Sale in US

    So the new GM/Evgo/Pilot sites are all 4 STALL but 2 UNIT installations. These sites have been, so far, well reviewed. However, I do think there is some legitimate concern when you assign one unit or post to 2 stalls. If the unit goes down, you've knocked half the site offline. We'll just...
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    Tesla CCS Adapter for Sale in US

    Edited: Nevermind the below, lpickup already said it. This is how the MagicDock chargers work now, and the CCS Tesla chargers in Europe as well. The V4 superchargers look like they will have the additional functionality to pay on-site, but I'm sure the regular method through the Tesla app...